Defense Rankings: Week 17

Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt celebrates after making a tackle against the Bengals.

1. Ravens at CIN
2. Colts vs JAC
3. Saints at CAR
4. Buccaneers at ATL
5. Washington at PHI
6. Bills vs MIA
7. Chargers at KC
8. Steelers at CLE
9. Seahawks at SF
10. Patriots vs NYJ

Complete disclosure here — The Czar is not a fan of defenses in fantasy football. Doesn’t like it. Almost hates it. Not good. Sure, sometimes it can be fun. That late interception returned for a touchdown that wins you a game! A punt return touchdown! Sure, ok. Fun. And aggravating as all get out if it goes against you. Not a fan. And leagues that go nuts on defense with individual players’ defensive stats??? AAAHHH!!!!

But, most every league has some sort of defense, so we’ll help out. We’ll give you our Top 10 every week. But it’s kind of like kickers… if you have the ’85 Bears, congratulations! If you don’t, grab a good defensive team and stick with it for as long as you feel the need. And, if you don’t have a great defense, no problem. Play the matchups, pick up the defense that’s playing a lousy offense, or against a young or replacement quarterback. Not brain surgery here. But then again, if it was, you’d have a clear plan, wouldn’t you? Avoid the games that look like shootouts… then again, if the football is flying around like crazy, you never know what will happen. And that kids, is once again why THE CZAR IS NOT A FAN OF DEFENSES IN FANTASY FOOTBALL!!!!! But pick one if you have to. If you don’t find all of that helpful enough, well, sorry. It’s our website. Thank you. Thank you very much.